A happy new year to you all

Well I’ve been somewhat busy with family life recently. 

PND decided to become personal again with our family, with our daughter being diagnosed in October. A long story short and we have had our grandson come live with us for a while to give everyone the chance to recover properly. 

Our daughter’s story is not mines to tell, however I can share that we have had some difficult issues to deal with regarding our grandson. REFLUX being the main issue. This has had a massive impact on everyone in the household, as my hubby has just gone through the most busy period for him at work, I’ve had a lupus flare and then we’ve had the difficulties with my youngest son who has adhd and aspergers. December seemed to last an eternity and Christmas was not what I had planned. However we’ve managed to ride the storm, have survived and are all out the other side, in one piece – thankfully 🙂

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