Birth Rocks Hypnobirthing classes

Birth ROCKs Birthing – Hypnobirthing Classes

  • 2 evening sessions which are held each month in Leith or can be in couples home
  • £195 per couple
  • Meet before course by email/phone/skype
  • Meet after birth to debrief

What is Birth ROCKS?

An inspirational birth preparation course – accredited by IAPP (International Alliance of perinatal Professionals) and the IPTI customised to suit your birthing needs and coping preferences. Mums everywhere love Birth ROCKS with even celebrity mums such as Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud) and Catherine Tyldsley (Coronation Street) have used Birth ROCKS to prepare for their birth and swearing by the benefits to her and her birth partner.

We don’t promise you that one ‘special technique’ will work for everyone, what we do promise is to help you and your birth partner fully understand how you deal with new experiences and create a complete individual birthing experience for you, that will allow you to look forward to and enjoy the most amazing day of your life.

How are the sessions structured?

You will meet with your own Birth ROCKS mentor before you begin your sessions to discuss your personal circumstances and what you hope to achieve from the sessions. This can be done in person or via phone or Skype. You have the option to attend small group sessions (no more than 5 couples) or to work with a Mentor on a one-to-one basis. You can attend an intensive one or two day workshop or you can space your sessions over 4 weeks. Just like your birth plan, the structure of the course can be adapted to meet the needs of you and your partner.

After the birth of your child, you will meet with your mentor again to discuss how your birth went and to conclude your ‘journey’ with your mentor.

Who is Birth ROCKS for?

Birth ROCKS is suitable for everyone, whether you are a first time mum or six time parent! We ask that you bring who you intend to be your birth partner on the day, so this could be your partner, husband, mum, friend or doula, it’s up to you.

Birth ROCKS was created with mum and her birth partner in mind. We don’t run through a list of medical jargon and we won’t waste your time with things you could read in books. We consider birth partner’s role in the birth as much as mum herself and we focus on what the birth partner can do to support mum during the birth.

If I do Birth ROCKS, will I have a pain free birth?

We’re not going to lie to you, probably not Giving birth is hard work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be the most amazing experience of your life. We will help you approach birth with positivity and excitement and help you to minimize any discomfort you may experience. We are positive, but honest about birth and we won’t make you any false promises.

Catherine tweeted Cheryl after her Birth ROCKS session

Why do I need to prepare for birth?

You wouldn’t turn up at a marathon without training, so why would you turn up at birth without training? Nobody has to ‘teach’ you how to give birth, baby would come out if nobody was there. But we do need to prepare ourselves mentally and physically, by getting to know and understand ourselves, so that we can create the optimal circumstances for our individual birth.

If we go into birth with inaccurate or no information, then we are leaving ourselves at the mercy of medical staff.

What you can expect from Birth ROCKS sessions…

Your Birth ROCKS experience will include working from pregnancy to post birth with your own fully qualified Birth ROCKS Mentor.  Our Birth ROCKS mentors believe that One Size does NOT fit all when it comes to birth, and they will help you understand yourself and offer you comfort techniques and skills for birth to suit you as an individual. Your Birth ROCKS preparation includes…

  •  Meeting with your Birth Mentor before the course starts to get to know each other and to discuss your individual experiences and needs;
  • Either one, two or four sessions to allow you to enjoy the Birth ROCKS journey;
  • Your Birth ROCKS handbook, extra downloads, parent’s discounts on further BRA sessions and much more;
  • You will receive self-hypnosis and breathing techniques downloads to use to continue your practice at home;
  • Identifying individual coping and comfort techniques that will work for you and your birth partner during birth;
  • We will help you and your birth partner uncover and release your fears of parenting and birth;
  • We help you discover your coping style: How will I be in birth?
  • Making use of techniques such as Birth Hypnosis (hypnobirthing), acupressure, massage, visualization and using your own personal ‘birth tool bag’ that we will help you put together.
  • What your birth partner can do on the big day (we’ve even put this in a little book for you);
  • Comfort and relaxation techniques tailored to your individual coping style including: self-hypnosis for birth; breathing and positions for birth; massage and aromatherapy; using birth tools and much more.
  • Looking at your birth options and creating a custom birth plan individual to you;
  • What happens on the Big Day: getting and staying prepared;
  • Looking at what REALLY happens during birth, the amazing cocktail of hormones your body releases to help you and how you can maximize this during labour;
  • We will completely change your attitude to birthing and by the end of this course you will be positively looking forward to giving birth!
  • You will also have a follow up meeting with your Mentor after the birth of your baby to continue your journey towards peaceful parenting.
One Size does not fit all


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