Well I’ve been somewhat busy with family life recently.  PND decided to become personal again with our family, with our daughter being diagnosed in October. A long story short and […]

Baby Massage returns to Tikitots!

Baby Massage returns to Tikitots   IAIM Infant Massage Classes are taught over a 5 week period, meeting once per week to go over a new part of the full […]

baby sleep

Brand New Baby Deep Sleep Programme Are you and your family beginning to become exhausted ? Does your baby have colic? Reflux? Teething pain? Snuffles? A restless sleeper? Are you […]

Developmental Spurts

Please remember that every baby is different, and whilst one parent may boast about their baby sleeping all night though by 8 weeks, some babies need to feed more frequently […]

Baby Massage returns to Tikitots

I am delighted to announce the return of my classes to Tikitots! With such a fabulous room and cafe you can enjoy coffee and cake in afterwards, this simply has […]

I adore the following movie and highly recommend watching it during the first few weeks following birth. It’s follows babies from around the world in their first year.

Weaning classes  Do you wonder how you will ever feed your baby something other than milk? Are you unsure of the differences between spoon-fed weaning and baby-led weaning? With so […]

  Edinburgh Maternity Services and Infant Massage Edinburgh are focussed on providing a high-quality, bespoke, relaxed and calm service, tailored to your family’s specific needs, values and lifestyle. With a […]

Bringing your newborn home is what you’ve been dreaming of for nine months (possibly longer). You will have played out that moment, time after time. Dad opening the door with […]