Developmental Spurts

Please remember that every baby is different, and whilst one parent may boast about their baby sleeping all night though by 8 weeks, some babies need to feed more frequently […]

Baby Massage returns to Tikitots

I am delighted to announce the return of my classes to Tikitots! With such a fabulous room and cafe you can enjoy coffee and cake in afterwards, this simply has […]

hynobirthing NCT classes

Birth Preparation Classes Looking for a relaxed, informative and PRACTICAL birth preparation class? Are you time limited yet want to understand more than NHS antenatal classes offer? Do you want […]

  Edinburgh Maternity Services and Infant Massage Edinburgh are focussed on providing a high-quality, bespoke, relaxed and calm service, tailored to your family’s specific needs, values and lifestyle. With a […]

Bringing your newborn home is what you’ve been dreaming of for nine months (possibly longer). You will have played out that moment, time after time. Dad opening the door with […]

Those first few days and weeks of living with a newborn can be the most life changing, traumatic and sleep depriving time of any new parents life. Infant Massage Edinburgh […]

Dear Sufferer, I understand this is not ‘bad morning sickness’. I understand that every smell, sight and thought of certain (most foods and scents) make you dry heave to the […]


Please share this not only with nursing mothers, but with those surrounding her too. Mothers need nurturing too, especially during these times and sadly it’s these times that mothers tend […]

I have just watched the really interesting and fast paced debate on bbc3 Freespeech discussing the ever stigmatised issue of mental health. It was clearly evident that there is […]