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Baby Massage returns to Tikitots!

Baby Massage returns to Tikitots   IAIM Infant Massage Classes are taught over a 5 week period, meeting once per week to go over a new part of the full […]

Self-hosted baby massage classes

Self-hosted Baby Massage Classes Maybe you are already part of a group of new mums. Maybe you all attended your NCT classes or NHS Antenatal Classes together. I am mobile and […]

Baby Massage returns to Tikitots

I am delighted to announce the return of my classes to Tikitots! With such a fabulous room and cafe you can enjoy coffee and cake in afterwards, this simply has […]

hynobirthing NCT classes

Birth Preparation Classes Looking for a relaxed, informative and PRACTICAL birth preparation class? Are you time limited yet want to understand more than NHS antenatal classes offer? Do you want […]

Benefits of Infant Massage The following link explains why we choose to use sunflower oils in baby massage Here is a link to the research done by the […]

We have now been through the birth of our gorgeous bundle, managed to decide on feeding options, beginning to get into a daytime/nighttime routine and then BAM! the drooling starts, […]

  Edinburgh Maternity Services and Infant Massage Edinburgh are focussed on providing a high-quality, bespoke, relaxed and calm service, tailored to your family’s specific needs, values and lifestyle. With a […]

Sex - After a baby !?

You can barely keep your eyes open and your body is heavy with exhaustion from the 3, 2 , or even 1 hourly feeds. Your boobs are leaking milk all […]