Baby Massage returns to Tikitots!

Baby Massage returns to Tikitots   IAIM Infant Massage Classes are taught over a 5 week period, meeting once per week to go over a new part of the full […]

Baby Massage returns to Tikitots

I am delighted to announce the return of my classes to Tikitots! With such a fabulous room and cafe you can enjoy coffee and cake in afterwards, this simply has […]

Sex - After a baby !?

You can barely keep your eyes open and your body is heavy with exhaustion from the 3, 2 , or even 1 hourly feeds. Your boobs are leaking milk all […]

Bringing your newborn home is what you’ve been dreaming of for nine months (possibly longer). You will have played out that moment, time after time. Dad opening the door with […]

My journey into the maternity field

A reflective account of teaching baby massage the IAIM way and where it has lead me My bag was packed with beautiful new changing mats, my bottles of oils were […]

This is a truly insightful article highlighting the fears and limitations of NHS midwives. This really is where your doula steps in. A doula can be there throughout your labour, […]

Those first few days and weeks of living with a newborn can be the most life changing, traumatic and sleep depriving time of any new parents life. Infant Massage Edinburgh […]