Clocks changing and how parents soften the impact of that extra hour.

No doubt there will be parents who are beginning to feel the pain this evening.

There are a few articles still doing the rounds about how to prepare your baby/child in the run up to the time change.
It’s pretty simple.
Starting the week before the time change, adjust bed time by ten mins each night and within a week you will arrive at the correct bedtime for that time change.
For example if your baby has a bedtime of 6pm and clocks are going back an hour.

We will start bed time 10mins later each night 
6.10pm day 1, 

6.20pm day 2,  

6.30 day 3, 

6.40 day 4, 

6.50 day 5, 

7pm day 6 
and hey presto! Day 7 clocks go back and we are at 6pm bedtime yet again. 
So what happens if we missed that memo and you are now struggling with the witching hour before bedtime?
That’s pretty simple too!
For a baby that has a normal 6pm bed time:-
Stretch out bedtime until 
Day 1 – 5.10pm

Day 2 – 5.20pm

Day 3 – 5.30pm

Day 4 – 5.40pm

Day 5 – 5.50pm

Day 6 – 6pm

By using this graduated approach, you will find that evening routine will remain calm and overnight routine should remain as it was. 
Overtired babies have huge amounts of adrenaline and cortisol fuelling bedtime tantrums or anxiety. 

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