Doula Services

Doula Services

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Birth Doula

Having worked around many many new parents and babies, I understand the importance of having a calm and relaxed labour and birth.

Too often mothers tell me that they were not listened to, things were not explained to them and that they did not received the level or type of care that they had wished for.

I too was one of those mums, first time round I had a labour and birth full of intervention and trauma, resulting in me having surgery and being in Intensive Care.

I did not feel empowered, quite frankly, I felt I had to give my body up and leave it in the hands of the midwives and consultants from the moment I entered hospital.
This along with other issues, in turn resulted in PND.

When I was pregnant with my youngest, I knew I had to find strength and trust my body for his birth. This experience was like night and day from my first traumatic birth.


From that day, I knew I had been put on this earth to assist other mums to enjoy the births of their children. I studied with a Mindful Doulas in March this year and having completed my training I am now being mentored for the first 4 births.

I have recent experience as both a birth and postnatal doula as well as vast amounts of postnatal care in mothers and babies since 2012 in the field of complementary medicine, social care, massage therapy, Infant Massage Instruction, mum and baby instruction, Bengkung belly wrapping and maternity nursing.

Due to having to complete my mentorship my fees are dramatically reduced for another 3 mums-to-be.

I will attend any antenatal appointments and assist you with creating your birth-plan.
(6hrs approx)

I will provide continuous support via phone email and Skype to alleviate any worries or answer any questions you may have have.

I will remain “on-call” for the 2 weeks before and after EDD unless planned induction/c-section.
Introduction to standby doula or 2nd Doula if requested.

Labour onset – Doula

Creating a safe and comfortable birthing environment (home/hospital/birthing centre)

Continuous attendance during labour and birth with client specific massage.
Support for family (partner and children) until settled feeding established (breast or bottle)

3 x 2 hour postnatal visits in first week
2 x 2 hours in 2nd week

The cost of the full birth and postnatal package is £300

For other requirements fees available on request.

If you are on low income please get in touch. I offer a sliding scale of fees and would never want money to stand in the way of care you feel you need.

Please use the contact form to book or if you need more information about these services.

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  1. Hello,

    I was hoping you could let me know how much you charge for your Doula services please?

    I am due in August this year and just starting to look at different options for support.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Joanna, thank you for your email. I will send a fees list to your email address.
      Kind regards


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