Everyone needs postnatal support

Everyone needs postnatal support

Working within the maternity industry gives plenty of time and opportunity to make observations.

postnatal support

My maternal grandmother had a very large age gap between her 2nd and 3rd child (my mother). That age gap being 16 years. When grannie went to her doctor for what she thought was the menopause, she was surprised to find out she was expecting a child at the age of 44.

This was at the end of the 50s and really unheard of in her generation.
My grandmother had the support of her sisters and also of her grown up daughters. There were many strong supportive females around to help care for who was seen as a very much older mum.
My own mother married young and I came in to her life when she was 21. My mother had the support of her sisters, mother, sisters-in-law and very much hands-on father.
When it was my turn to venture into motherhood, I had the full support of my mother and father. I didn’t have any sisters/brothers(in law) or supportive loving partner.
I was one of the unlucky ones to fall into the depths of postnatal depression.
I’m ten years on from my PND diagnosis and have turned my life around with the help of many people.

Suffering from PND is what has shaped my life post-birth.

I can take my mind back quite easily to those times when I shouted back at my baby.
Those times when I just had to leave the room, with my baby crying in his cot.
Those nights when I sobbed down the phone to my mum that I couldn’t stand my baby crying any longer.

It went on for months and what seemed like an eternity.

I eventually reached out and got help. Started baby massage classes and after some time I got some counselling.

This is the foundation on what I’ve built Edinburgh Maternity Services.
I know the desperation that walks hand in hand with post-natal depression. I understand the guilt that’s attached to motherhood and I have lived those dark moments that can shadow the joys that motherhood should bring.

I will work with you personally to create an individualised plan postnatal support.

That could range from simply having a chat over a cuppa and allowing you to chat to someone who listens and cares about the changes you are going through, to holding the baby whilst you have some one-to-one time with your older child or coming to you for a few nights to allow you to recuperate after a c-section or to help implement some good sleep habits.

Please know that your questions are in no way silly or unimportant – if I can alleviate any stress you may be feeling, I’m only too happy to help.

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