Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Dear Sufferer, 
I understand this is not ‘bad morning sickness’.
I understand that every smell, sight and thought of certain (most foods and scents) make you dry heave to the point where you think your guts are coming out your mouth and eyes are going to pop out your head and down the toilet pan.

I understand the feverish chills you are experiencing and the lethargy. 

I understand that it takes a nap of about 2 hours to build up enough energy to move more than two paces away from the bathroom door.

I understand that this feels like the worst hangover (x100) you have ever ever experienced.

I understand that those little pills the doctor gave you to stick between your lip and gum, that are meant to dissolve, just don’t seem to be doing their job.

I understand that you have tried Ginger Beer, Ginger Tea, Ginger nuts, Raw ginger or Preggo pops and they just seem to make you heave all the more.
I have experienced Hyperemesis Gravidarum all the way through two pregnancies. To the point where during my 2nd pregnancy I was experiencing severe dehydration and cluster migraines.

This disorder of pregnancy is not for the fainthearted and could bring you to a point where you feel you’d rather the pregnancy was ended. It truly is a horrific ordeal to go through.
I am also so very sorry that I cannot provide you with any ‘old wives tales’ that you may not have heard of. As I know if you have HG, then you have exhausted every avenue, through searches online and through your GP.
There are many articles that link your mood and feeling towards your pregnancy to how you are feeling. While that may be true in some cases, I can say hand on heart that this was not the case in both of my pregnancies.
What I will advise is that you find the support you need. Go back to your GP/midwife. Print out articles explaining what HG is for your relatives and friends.


You will have phases where the your HG does subside, and I encourage you to make the best of these times. Eat what you can and if possible try to eat carb-rich foods. Sip water frequently as too much liquid in the gut can make you feel queazy. Sugar-rich juices are a good idea where possible as well as herbal teas – try the ginger teas and Ginger beer if you can handle it.
A little Vicks Vapo rub around your nostrils can help mask other smells, this may or may not be tolerated by your stomach, but worth a shot. 
If too strong a smell then try the lighter version
Snuffle babe- http://www.lloydspharmacy.com/en/snufflebabe-vapour-rub-24g-10570%3Futm_source%3DGoogle%26utm_medium%3DProduct%26utm_campaign%3DProduct?gclid=CK2byrn90cACFfOhtAodpzUAuQ

Hang on in there, Ive gone through this and chose to go through this again. With the correct support and medical care you will too.
 I really do understand and can provide some support to you whether that be practical help at home or someone to have a moan to.


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