Self-hosted baby massage classes

Self-hosted Baby Massage Classes

Maybe you are already part of a group of new mums.

Maybe you all attended your NCT classes or NHS Antenatal Classes together.

I am mobile and can come to your home whether in a group (discount for the host) or for individual lessons.

Self-hosted Baby Massage classes are a great idea if the days and times of my organised classes do not suit your group. They are also a fantastic way to keep the weekly meets of your group going as your babies grow together.

Everything is tailored to your requirements so please get in touch if you are unable to come to my organised classes on a Monday or Tuesday.

Infant Massage helps you to identify your baby’s cues, paving the way for better communication between you and your baby.

Assists with bonding
Confidence building in handling newborn
Postnatal Depression can be helped due to increased Oxytocin levels
Sleep and rest patterns increase
One to One time with your baby
Physical and emotional stress hormone (Cortisol) levels are reduced
Having knowledge of your baby anatomy will allow you to quickly identify when there is something physically wrong with your child.


  1. Where are the class’s held? Thanks


    1. Hi Jenna,

      I have classes in leith and morningside or if you have a group of mums I can do the classes in one of the mums home.
      Kind regards


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