Weaning class

An introduction to weaning class

Our Introducing weaning workshop covers topics such as when to start weaning, purees and baby-led weaning, and what foods to avoid.
This workshop is led by a qualified Maternity Nurse.

Your baby does not have to be breastfed for you to attend this weaning class.

This weaning class is designed for a parent or care giver to attend with or without their baby.

Anyone responsible for a baby as they face the transition from milk to solid foods is welcome. It does not matter if you have already started giving your baby solids when you come to the course, or if your baby is breastfed or bottle-fed.

Subjects covered include:

  • What, where, when and how
  • What to do about milk feeds
  • Allergies
  • Baby-led weaning – skipping purees and starting straight with finger food Purees

These classes cost £20 and last for 1.5 hours. They are held once a month on a wed morning at 10-11.30 at Tikitots – Morningside

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