Do you wonder how you will ever feed your baby something other than milk?
Are you unsure of the differences between spoon-fed weaning and baby-led weaning?
With so much conflicting advise out there it is easy to get swamped in all the pros and cons of each method.
There are so many benefits to each method and so many variations of each method that it can be a daunting to find YOUR path.
Every baby is different as is every parent.

We all have some personal issue where food is involved, be that a dislike of a certain food, dislike of cooking a certain food, a favourite restaurant, not liking food touching – you name it there will be some irk regarding food with your name on it.
Our aim as parents with babies at weaning stage, is to provide a diet that is balanced, nutritious, varied, and fun. Introducing this in a calm and safe environment.

We may also choose to introduce customs or beliefs in this journey and it can be a fun filled and rewarding phase of parenting.
If you are bamboozled by the when’s how’s and what’s of weaning – come along to one of our classes where we will discuss 

Weaning Guidelines
Baby-led v puréed foods
Nutritional requirements of an Infant from 6-12 months
Recipe ideas
Fussy eaters and how to avoid them.
The course will cost £20
Booking essential – it’s easy to do, just visit 

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