What is a Doula and what can they do for my family?

Doulas come from many walks of life.
Some are mothers, some are yet to be mothers, some are ex-midwives, some are the aunties who dote on their nieces and nephews.
They can be your sister, mother, or friend. The common factor is that they are all insanely passionate about the 3 B’s:- Bumps Birth and Bonding.

A doula can be as involved as you choose. She is your champion for having maternity care the way you wish.
If you feel yourself constantly asking questions that begin with “Am I allowed…” during any stage of your path through the pregnancy and birth period, you need to hire a Doula.
A Doula will work with you to navigate your choices in maternity care and monitoring. She will be at your side, holding your hand and supporting YOUR choices. She will be the one who will offer guidance to services that will assist you choices.
She will listen and not judge.
She will guide you to find your strengths both physically and emotionally.

A doula can attend appointments and birthing classes with you. She can teach you positions and breathing techniques to assist you during birthing. She can access resources to help you educate yourself on the many conditions that present themselves in pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. She will be there for you whatever time of day or night. A doula can be there during labour, offering massage and suggestions to ease you through the contractions. She will be you voice when you are channeling your energy directly to your womb.
She will encourage you and empower you to keep going when you feel like you are tiring. She will support your partner and be the rock that keeps their feet on the ground.
A doula can assist with older siblings, should they be present.
Once the baby is here, we can assist you with positioning to ensure optimal bonding and a good first latch on to the breast, guiding you through the many different positions possible to maintain a good latch and support good posture.

A doula will hold your hand and never let go until you have found your feet with caring and feeding your baby. She may offer you natural healing methods, she may even encapsulate your placenta but above all she will make sure you heal the way you wish. She is there to ease you smoothly into motherhood, taking on the everyday tasks to allow you to heal and bond in your nest.
She will cook and tend to your other children, she can fill your fridge and freezer with wholesome healing foods.

A doula will hold your hand and never let go, until you are ready. http://doula.org.uk/content/what-doula

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